Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Our remote monitoring solution enables recording, archival and visualization of performance of remote, critical assets like compressors, generators, high capacity pumps, windmills. Remote data collector units attached to the equipment collect critical information and transmit at predefined frequency to our central server. The central server is capable of archiving large volumes of data with fast retrieval.

User friendly views for mobile and web allow users to sort, filter and graphically visualize asset performance, efficiency and downtime. Megatech hosts and maintains the system freeing the customer from expensive IT investments and maintenance.


  • Automated 24×7 data collection
  • Automated alerting for exceptions
  • Graphical visualization of throughput, efficiency and downtime
  • Automated reports


  • Real-time analysis and decisions increase asset performance
  • Significant savings in man-hours and transportation cost
  • Better investment decisions based on past performance

Technologies used

Java, iOS, Android