Industrial Internet of Things

The foundational technologies of the industrial internet are now available to build innovative solutions using data from different areas of an organization. These technologies include pervasive networks; small microcontrollers, big-data, predictive analytics and cloud infrastructure. But with diverse systems and technologies come greater complexity and challenges in implementing and operating an IoT system.

An effective IoT system enables the organization achieve business goals by providing a deeper understanding of critical areas and focusing corrective actions for substantial improvements. This is an iterative process as each cycle of learning and improvement take the organization to the next level and unlock a different set of challenges requiring further learning and improvement.

An IoT provider should work long term with the organization to constantly align systems to business goals and evolving challenges. Megatech offers the full spectrum of services from consulting and design to implementation and monitoring. We ensure an IoT system helps you hit your business goals today and in future.

People and process form a fundamental part of the organization. A system however powerful cannot deliver results unless people and processes are aligned to the business vision. Megatech offers people enablement and process improvement services to harness maximum value from the IoT implementation.

IoT Megatech


IoT Model


  • Physical Devices and Controllers (The “Things” in IoT)
  • Connectivity (Communication and processing Unit)
  • Data stream and Analysis
  • Data Accumulation (Storage)
  • Data Abstraction (Aggregration and Access)
  • Application (Reporting, analysis and control)
  • Collaboration and Process (Involving Business Process and People)


Some Applications of IoT

Smart Factories

Capacity planning, throughput improvement, waste control, energy management.

Smart Assets

Proactive Maintenance, OEE Improvements

Smart Buildings

Intelligent building controls, energy/water/gas management

Smart Retail 

Vending stock monitoring, sales insights

Smart Health 

Patient monitoring, electronic records management.


Some of Our IoT Successes

IoT project list