Control Systems/Smart operations Management

Control Systems/Smart operations Management

Control systems to automate industrial processes are custom built on leading products of automation majors. Control systems have evolved to leverage smart instruments, wireless networks, business system integration and remote support facility. Smart operations involves networking all assets, logistics information and maintenance systems for a single point view of all plant and resources data. Operators are then in a position to enhance the productivity of the plant and minimize deviations.


  • Central or distributed system
  • Redundancy in CPU, IO, communication
  • Integration to third party systems – F&G, RTU, ESD,…
  • Integration to business systems – ERP, SCM
  • Long term archiving


  • Improved throughput of plant
  • Greater efficiency
  • High availability
  • Seamless data flow

Technologies used

PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historian

Siemens, GE, AB, Wonderware