Virtual Training

Virtual Training

The virtual training system simulates a 3D environment of a plant and guides the operator through procedures for performing different activities. The operator is also provided with simulated exercises to test their responses and identify improvement areas. The operator can pull up related data about each asset in the virtual world like datasheets, drawings, SOPs, etc. Current process values from control systems can also be integrated into the virtual world and provided as inputs for the operator.

Hardware accessories like VR headsets and Microsoft Kinect motion capture devices help immerse the operator into the virtual environment for effective training.


  • Train operators in a virtual plant environment
  • Perform multi-operator training simultaneously
  • Simulate emergency situations like fire, leak, etc
  • Integrate plant documentation with asset for easy reference
  • Test reachability of equipment prior to construction


  • Effective training in operations and safety procedures
  • Train large number of people with minimum cost
  • Measure responsiveness of people to hazards
  • Ensure reachability after construction