Project Execution Management

Project Execution Management

Managing a project requires real-time assignment of work, tracking progress, updating the project schedule and alerting deviations. A project execution management system can automate this process and integrate all project members onto a common platform. Documents, materials and resources are also managed with links to the corresponding project plan activities. Dashboards on mobile and web interfaces provide all stakeholders with single, accurate view of project status and bottlenecks.


  • Manage project progress and update schedule automatically
  • Automatic assignment of work based on completion of earlier activity
  • Link documents, change notes, BOMs to project activities
  • Real-time dashboards, reports and email alerts


  • Significant reduction of project cycle time
  • Improved efficiencies and time savings for project members
  • Accurate information for fast, effective decisions
  • Knowledge retention for easy takeover

Technologies used

Siemens Teamcenter