Megatech implements Siemens COMOS for a leading refinery Apr – 2017

In 2016, a leading refinery processing nearly 10 mil tons per year undertook an expansion program. This required management of various disciplines of engineering in a secure and unified manner. Regulatory requirements and challenging project deadlines had to be met without increasing the efforts of the plant personnel.

Megatech implemented a Siemens COMOS based integrated design system to author, track and control over 2000 P&IDs and 35000 documents including datasheets and manuals. Each equipment is modeled in the system with the necessary specifications and documents integrated with it. The P&ID is designed using the modeled equipment objects, thus integrating the corresponding specifications, documents and manuals with the P&ID.

Operating manuals contain the tag references to the equipment and these are linked to the corresponding equipment in COMOS. This enables a user viewing the manual to click on a tag and navigate instantly to the equipment in COMOS and refer the relevant P&IDs. Retrieving the specifications and other documents of the equipment is equally effortless.

Cause and effect relationships can be simulated with equipment color changes to indicate state changes. Analog values can also be calculated for reactions to understand the process dynamics. This helps in faster training of operators and maintenance personnel.

Megatech performed the implementation of the system and the design of all P&IDs, manuals, cause & effects in the system to enable the users harness the benefits from day one.


  • Fast troubleshooting and reduced downtime by cutting down data retrieval time by over 80%
  • Increased plant efficiency with effective training to O&M personnel
  • Secure, reliable knowledge base
  • Robust change management and approval process

Solution Summary

  • 2000+ Intelligent P&ID and PFDs in COMOS
  • 35000+ documents – Manual, SOP, Interlock bypass, etc.
  • Linking of the Manual, P&ID, PFD, SOP, Equipment database, data sheet etc.
  • Creation of Simulation (Shutdown interlock, Cause & effect) in the intelligent P&ID
  • Creation of correlation table for equipment and instruments with the manual
  • Interactive Operating Manual approx. 15000 pages linked to equipment
  • Ease of navigation between manuals and P&ID
  • Version control, audit trail and automated workflows