2013  →  IPAD Integration and Maintenance managment of 180 pumping stations in Qatar

2012  →  Control, Instrumentation and SCADA for Largest Sewage Treatment Plant commissioned in Kuwait

2011  →  Support Services for Commissioning of 420KM pipeline project in Abu Dhabi

2010  →  Established Local Company to increase operations in Abu Dhabi

2010  →  Commissioning and maintenance contract for Oil & Gas system in Qatar

2010  →  Turnkey control and instrumentation system for cattle feed plant in India

2009 →  Turnkey Contract for Design,Installation and Commissioning of Instrumentation & Control system for MBR Sewage Treatment Plants in Oman

2009  →  Engineering of Visualization and logics for control system for Oil Pipeline in Middle East

2009  →  Member of Automation Alliance Group

2008  →  Turnkey Contract for Design, Development, Installation and Commissioning of Instrumentation & Control system for waste water treatment plant including networking, telemetry, CCTV and CMMS, in Kuwait

2008  →  Control and safety system, Fuel Farm for New Doha International Airport, Qatar

2007  →  Turnkey contract for design, development and installation of control system for Dubai Health Care City District Cooling Plant

2007  →  Control and visualization systems, Cargo Complex for Bangalore and Hyderabad International airports

2006  →  Commenced Kuwait and Qatar Operations

2005  →  Commenced US operations

2005  →  Commissioning support of baggage handling control systems in Detroit, Miami and Los Angeles Airports

2004  →  Fire & Gas detection system integration to Triconex TMR systems for Qatar Petroleum platforms PS2/PS3 for Qatar

2003  →  Appointed as System Integrator for F&G of Zellweger Analytics, Dubai

2002  →  Commenced operations in Dubai with DCS and ESD System for Degassing Plant

2001  →  Turnkey Electrical systems for 4 Biomass based Power Projects in India

2000  →  Large drive line system for Paper Plant in India

1999  →  Batching Plant for Poultry Feed Manufacture in India

1998  →  Sand Plant control for DISA Foundry in India

1997  →  500+ Control Projects for Carding Machines in Textile Industry

1996  →  Total Control System for a large Cattle Feed Plant, India

1995  →  Automated Baggage Handling Plant for Changi Airport, Singapore.

1994  →  Multiple Special Purpose Machines Control systems for MICO India.

1993  →  Introduced automation for Calendar Line control on MRF.

1992  →  WareHouse Automation System with ASRS,SCADA and MIS for Textile Plant in Thailand

1991  →  Integrated Foundry Automation System including remote connectivity for monitoring

1990  → Executed First Wind Energy Project, India

1989  →  Retrofit projects with PLC for large Automotive companies.

1988  →  Introduction of PLC for Tyre plants

1987  →  Introduction of PLC & Retrofit for Shriram Fibers.

1986  →  Started as First System Integrator of Siemens in India.